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Advent Pillar Candles

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Unlike natural wax which is fully combustible, the pigments and dues used to color candles are not. The more pigments and dyes used to color a candle, the more the candle wick becomes clogged during burning. As the wick becomes clogged the flame size becomes smaller and smaller. A candle whose wax is completely color solid through requires several times more pigment and dye than required for a color over-dipped candle.

The color of an over-dipped candle utilizing color pigment is always more brilliant, reflective and true. Use of dyes for coloring wax produces a graying effect, the color is more translucent and dull, and fades with time.

Indeed, with a color over dipped candle there are several added steps in the manufacturing process making it more expensive to make, it is easier and less expensive to manufacture a color solid-through candle.

For this reason the inexpensive candles available through discount retailers are commonly color solid through whereas the expensive candles sold at upscale department stores are more commonly color over dipped.