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Church Candle Followers and Burners

Candle followers, also referred to as candle burners or wax savers, are available in all sizes to fit the largest Paschal candle to the smallest Altar candle. Properly fitting candles with followers will ensure maximum burning time and minimize the potential for problems.

A correctly sized follower is determined by the diameter of the candle to be used. For example, a 3 inch diameter candle will use a 3 inch diameter follower.

A clean, glistening follower looks better and performs better. To remove any accumulated wax from the follower, immerse it in warm water and wipe clean with a soft cloth. Use of abrasives may affect the finish of the followers.

A candle follower must be used for the satisfactory and economical performance of your candle. Use only a follower that is the CORRECT SIZE for the candle diameter. Before seating a follower on any candle, it should be cleaned of all wax both inside and out. To seat the follower, place it on the shoulder of the candle giving it a snug 1/4-inch turn. Visually inspect the follower to ensure it is straight on the candle and that a perfect seal has been achieved. A perfect seal is when all edges of the top rim, or shoulder, of the candle are touching the inside of the follower.