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Chalice and Paten for Church Communion | Sacred Vessels

The Chalice is a Sacred Vessel used by the Church to hold the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. According to the Roman Missal, "Vessels should be made from materials that are solid and that in the particular region are regarded as noble. The conference of bishops will be the judge in this matter. But preference is to be given to materials that do not break easily or become unstable. Chalices and other vessels that serve as receptacles for the blood of the Lord are to have a cup of nonabsorbent material. The base may be of any other solid and worthy material. Vessels made from metal should ordinarily be gilded (finished with gold) on the inside if the metal is one that rusts; gilding is not necessary if the metal is more precious than gold and does not rust. The artist may fashion the sacred vessels in a shape that is in keeping with the culture of each region, provided each type of vessel is suited to the intended liturgical use".