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Mass Linens

The purificator is a white linen cloth which is used to wipe the chalice after each communicant partakes. It is also used to wipe the chalice and paten after the ablutions which follow Communion. A red or white cross is usually embroidered in the middle of the cloth.
The chalice pall is a stiffened square card covered with white linen, usually embroidered with a cross, or some other appropriate symbol. The purpose of the pall is to keep dust and insects from falling into the Eucharistic elements.
The corporal is a square white cloth upon which the chalice and paten are placed when the Eucharist is celebrated. It may be edged with fine lace, and a cross may be embroidered on it near the front edge, where the Tridentine Mass prescribed that the host be placed. Embroidery in the center was not used, lest the chalice become unstable.
The manuterge (also called lavabo or finger towel) is used by the priest to dry his or her hands after washing them.
The amice is worn as a neck cloth and is a rectangular linen with long ties and one embroidered cross. The amice is worn beneath the chasuble to protect the chasuble from any wear next to the skin. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call us at 1-800-522-2688