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Brand - Monastery Icons Incense

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What's so special about Monastery Incense?

The proof is in the pudding - and the proof of our incense is in its fragrance and burning qualities

Even and consistent burning

What Priest or Deacon hasn't had a pool of melted frankincense smother the charcoal in his censer with "incense plaque"? By contrast, Monastery Incense burns down to a residue of small grains and powder, without putting out the charcoal.

How to get the best performance from our incense:

When you spoon the incense onto the charcoal, sprinkle it evenly over the surface of the lit charcoal, making sure you have a combination of fine grains and larger grains. That way you'll quickly get clouds of fragrant smoke from the fine grains and a long-lasting burn from the larger grains, with a sustained pleasant fragrance throughout.

Is Monastery Incense 'hypoallergenic'?

There are so many types of fragrance allergies, it is impossible for us to guarantee our incense is absolutely allergy free. But for decades clergy have told us that the pleasant and unique qualities of our incense are truly 'parish-friendly'. Parishes that had minimized or banned incense from their services because of parishioners' reactions have been able to reintroduce incense to a very happy congregation. Monastery Incense can be the solution to your parish's incense problem.

A Wide Variety of exquisite fragrances

Nothing is so evocative as fragrance. Enhance the atmosphere of a particular service or pats of the liturgy by offering the Monastery Incense fragrance most suited to it - the rich bouquet of our ever-popular Damascus Rose, the pleasant and regal scent of Sweet Myrrh, the more somber notes of our Byzantine Blend, or the joyous fragrance of Russian Gardenia. Try our sampler to find your favorites among the twelve fragrances that parishes like your have been offering since 1985.

The beginning...

Over thirty years ago some Eastern Christian monks in Oklahoma were looking for an alternative to the liturgical incense commonly available - something truly worthy to present in their worship. So much of what was on the market seemed to be variations of a mixture of frankincense of doubtful quality with some other aromatics, yielding a choking and unappealing fragrance.

It was their good fortune to meet one of the few 'incense geniuses' in America. Living quietly in rural south Texas, behind his unassuming and quiet manner was a wealth of technical and practical information about the world of aromatics, and an astonishing creativity for blending them to create a unique and exquisite result

Building on his unique formula, he and the monks created a type of incense like no other, that has become the favorite of clergy an parishioners over the decades. Bringing the monastic ideal of excellence to his project, the monks searched for the highest quality ingredients: frankincense from Somalia, sweet benzoin from Indonesia, and other aromatic powders and natural fragrance oils. And we have continued to settle only for the best, never compromising quality for convenience or profit.