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Among the highest forms of sacred art

For centuries, the mural mosaic has been one of the most revered form of sacred art, mixing colored glass, gold and mother of pearl to give them an incomparable beauty. The talented artists at Demetz have mastered this craft, which is still called on to embellish and enhance religious buildings today.

The small pieces used to create the mosaic are called tessera and can be made of glass or marble. Glass tessera have nearly an infinite spectrum of colors and are still produced by hand on the island of Murano (in Italy, near Venice). The colors are melted directly into the glass, which is flattened out, cooled down and eventually cut into many small pieces. The entire process is done by hand.

Aside from their sheer beauty and inspiring presence, a big advantage of mosaics is that they can be installed outdoors. Sun and rain have no effect on the colors. In fact, many beautiful mosaics admired today are more than a thousand years old.

Mosaic art can be made of any subject matter you wish. Any images or drawings you provide can be rendered into unique artistic mosaics for indoor or outdoor use.

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