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Refillable Wax Lighting Tapers for Candlelighters Refillable Wax Lighting Tapers for Candlelighters

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Refillable Wax Lighting Tapers for Candlelighters

Product Number: 91301201
by: Cathedral Candle

Product Description

Use of wax lighting tapers with a quality lighter/extinguisher is highly recommended for the trouble free lighting and extinguishing of candles. Cathedral Candle Company's specially treated tapers offer a more dependable lighting of candles throughout the sanctuary. 16" long. Box of 120.

Lighting 1. Extend lighting taper 1 inch out from candle lighter BEFORE lighting. 2. When lighting the candles do not touch candle wick or follower with the lighter. HANDLE LIGHTER CAREFULLY to avoid pieces of taper or wick from breaking off and falling into the candle cup. These broken off pieces may act as a second wick, creating a double flame resulting in candle failure. 3. After extinguishing taper flame by retracting into candle lighter tube. IMMEDIATELY EXTEND TAPER OUT from the tube to avoid wax build-up and jamming. Inspect to insure taper is completely extinguished. Extinguishing 1. Always use a candle extinguisher to put out candle flame. Never blow out candle. To extinguish, gently place extinguisher over candle follower, being careful not to touch either the wick or follower. The follower is resting on both liquid and soft wax, tilting it or compressing it with the extinguisher may cause the candle to malfunction the next time it is used. 2. To Avoid afterglow always allow a candle to burn at least two minutes before extinguishing. Afterglow may cause a wick to shorten itself making it difficult to relight.



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